Why Foreign Online Casinos are Getting Popular in Switzerland?

Online casinos that are safe to join should have a recognized license. It is crucial because it protects online bettors from fraud and other criminal activities. Switzerland has some of the best casinos licensed under Swiss Gambling Supervisory Authority. Swiss casinos are getting unreliable every day due to constant banning. Thus, ardent gamblers who want to play safely and profitably should try foreign casinos without a local license. 

According to German-speaking Swiss casino portal onlinecasinoschweiz.casino – Top Online Casinos in der Schweiz, most foreign casinos are better than the local ones because they have relaxed regulations and do not ban people often. If you want to join these but have doubts, here are the reasons why you should try it.

Reasons why Swiss people choose international online gambling sites

The Federal Gambling Commission recently published new statistics in the NZZ am Sonntag. 

These statistics showed that 72,322 people received could not access Swiss-based casinos anymore in 2020. None of these can bet at any Swiss casino again. There were ten thousand, eight hundred and seventy more bans compared to 2019. In 2019, the number of bans rose by four thousand, eight hundred and thirty-six.

According to Marjorie Perusset, the Federal Gambling Commission’s spokesman, the bans happened because new online players did not want to visit land-based venues. Also, they rose after the establishment of three new casinos in 2020 and two others in 2021. The law requires Swiss casinos to ban any player who bets an amount higher than their monthly income.

Again, they have a right to ban any person who has debt. They can also disqualify someone who cannot meet their financial obligations. After the ban, the casino must keep a record of that. When casinos ban so many people, as they did last year, players can fear that they will be the next victim. One way to avoid this ban is to open gambling accounts with foreign sites.

Other reasons why many Swiss people choose offshore gambling.

A wide selection of games

Offshore gambling sites provide a wide assortment of games. Hence, players can choose the games they want to play and when they want to do it. These casinos provide slots, poker, bingo, and live casino games. Since they have partnerships with top software providers, these offshore gambling sites never lack exciting games for their players.

You can do sports betting  

If you love soccer, basketball, or any other sport, you can take your interest to the next level by doing sports betting. Some online casinos without a Swiss license provide over eighty sports games. Their range of selection is better when compared to what any local site can provide.

Availability of free games

Most offshore websites that suit most Swiss players provide free demos. Thus, players can use demos for fun and the experience it provides before playing for real money.

There are many payment methods  

A payment method can determine whether you can use a gambling site or not. Some of the top online casinos that invite Swiss players provide several payment methods. Some of them offer Bitcoin as a means of depositing money. It is hard to find cryptocurrency-based casinos locally.

Many bonuses, promotions, and VIP perks  

In some casinos, players can climb levels if they deposit more money. The higher they climb, the higher are the benefits they can receive. As a Swiss, you can take advantage of these perks because of the lower tax rate.

Lenient player rules 

As earlier noted, various Swiss-based casinos are banning players often. Their rules are hard to follow, explaining why most gamblers would choose to use offshore gambling. Foreign casinos have relaxed regulations that attract players from all over the world. Even if some of them have self-exclusion rules, these are not stringent when compared to local casinos’ self-exclusion rules.

Offshore online casino operators

Even if many Swiss gamblers want to choose offshore casino operators, they should be careful with their selections. First, there are so many foreign sites that might open a door for a Swiss player. However, some of them are unreliable when it comes to handling complaints. Their mechanisms do not work so well for foreigners.

Some of these sites do not even have a license or a regulator. They are therefore unsafe and riskier to deal with when compared to a local casino site. When selecting the best foreign casino, consider licensing. 

The most renowned licenses for Swiss players are:

  • Curacao – It is among the most cost-effective and dependable providers of casino licensing and regulation services.
  • MGA – Most gambling sites in Europe have a Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) Licence. Most players and casinos trust it.
  • UKGC – The UK Gambling Commission is also a popular provider of casino licensing and regulation services. Most UK-based casinos use this license and others.
  • Gilbraltar – As a Swiss, you can trust the Gilbraltar license. It promotes safe gambling to ensure that all players playing in casino licensed under it are secure.

How to choose the best foreign online casino sites

As you select the websites to use, consider those that have a label of any of the aforementioned gaming authorities. The Costa Rica gaming authority sites are equally trustworthy, but the other four should be your priority.

Besides regulating authorities, consider the types of entry bonuses that a foreign site has. No deposit bonuses are a dream of everyone, yes, but they come with strict wagering requirements. It is necessary to read these wagering requirements before you decide whether to claim the bonus or not.

Deposit bonuses come attached with free spins that may also have conditions. Again, you need to read the rules before you can claim any bonus for new members. Depending on your financial circumstances, you can choose casinos based on the amount you have to deposit first. Some split their match bonus deposits, requiring players to make a few deposits.

Responsible gambling matters, but some websites do not offer it. If you can be in control of your spending, then it may not bother you that a site does not offer responsible gambling options.

Final thoughts

Swiss casinos are banning players every year. It is up to you to avoid this ban by joining offshore casinos. Ensure that these casinos are reputable and licensed before you join them. By being a member of an offshore site, you can access many types of games, several payment methods, and protection from gaming authorities.

Additionally, you can have more freedom when betting because the regulations are easy to use. While freedom is good, make sure you do not abuse it by having obsessive betting behaviour. 

Since some foreign online casinos do not offer self-exclusion and other methods of avoiding gambling obsession, caution when betting is necessary.