Online Casinos in Netherlands – Facts and Figures

The Netherlands is a market where online casinos and bookmakers have operated for around two decades and Dutch people have always liked to gamble, even back in the days when local betting shops first started to appear. Now, when everyone is gambling online, all new online casinos are making their services available in the Netherlands as customers from this country are a valuable asset for every business, online casinos included. 

Currently most players in the Netherlands are registered with online casinos which don’t have a local NL license but one of the international ones instead (MGA or Curacao). There are plenty of reasons for that and this article will show you some of the most important ones. 

Worldwide Reputation & Reliable License Jurisdictions

An online casino that has an international license and is available worldwide is bound to be better known and enjoy a bigger reputation than a casino that is strictly focused on the Netherlands and their domestic market. These big international casinos operate in much bigger markets than just the Dutch and they attract people from some countries where gambling regulations are even stricter than in the Netherlands. This shows local players that they can trust a foreign online casino if, for example, that same casino operates in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the UK or some other big country. As reputation means everything in a business where you rely on the other party to potentially pay you out millions, international licensed online casinos are always working according to regulations and have a minimal number of complaints filed against them.

These online casinos hold a license from Malta or Curaçao in 99% of cases which is enough for them to conduct business in almost every country in the world, barring some rare exceptions, mostly in countries where gambling is completely banned or limited to domestic providers.

You can find some examples of such online casinos: 

Smoother Gambling Experience

Every player can appreciate an online casino that provides them with the best and easiest overall gambling experience. This starts with having an easy registration process as no one wants to waste hours only to make their casino account and foreign licensed casinos have made sure this is done in a minute or two. Website functionality and easy access to every game type is also something where foreign casinos are beating the domestic licensed ones in the Netherlands. Another important thing that enhances a players experience is the customer support and dedicated customer care teams of the internationally licensed online casinos are available in a matter of seconds, ready to answer every question and help with any potential issue their customers might have.

The number of games offered by the international casinos is also much bigger than the one offered by the local Dutch casinos and new games are added daily, which only attracts more and more Dutch people to the foreign casino side.

Better Online Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are a big part of the online gambling experience and every casino tries to win over customers by offering better bonuses than their competitors in the market. Although these bonuses differ from casino to casino, one thing that is certain is that in general international licensed online casinos have much better and bigger bonuses than the locally licensed ones, Netherlands included. Some local casinos do offer a 100% first deposit bonus but only up to $200 or $300 while a lot of foreign licensed casinos offer Dutch players the same 100% but for amounts up to 1-5 BTC. Even if it’s “just” 1BTC, that equals around $50 thousand with the current exchange rate and we will all agree $50 thousand is much better than $300.

Wagering requirements are also better in international online casinos as the domestic ones in the Netherlands require players to wager the bonus amount 30-35 times while international ones set that requirement at 20 most of the time.      

Better Limits for Gambling Online

Starting with deposit and withdrawal limits, all the way to the staking limits on games themselves, international licensed casinos are light years ahead of the local ones. Deposit and withdrawal limits are usually non-existent which means that the players can deposit or withdraw as much as they want per transaction. Even the foreign licensed casinos which have a limit set those limits at 3 or 5 BTC ($150-$250 thousand) which is much bigger than the standard $10-$20 thousand limits in the domestic online casinos in the Netherlands. Being able to stake a hundred or two on a single slot spin or roulette spin is also important to the big players and it is something that isn’t possible in local online casinos.  

Processing times of these transactions for foreign online casinos are also much shorter than the times in local casinos and not having to wait half a day or even a full day to get your withdrawal is making players lives much easier.

More Payment Options for Gambling Online

Not only that having big limits is important to online casino players but also having a multitude of ways to deposit or withdraw their funds. Some players prefer using the traditional payment methods like bank transfers or credit and debit cards but the majority of players in the new generation choose cryptocurrencies or e-wallets. These modern payment options are much more common for internationally licensed casinos as all of them have a huge number of e-wallets and cryptocurrencies at their player’s disposal while the domestic Dutch casinos focus on the traditional payment methods. This makes sense as those local online casinos are slow to make changes and are always years behind the internationally licensed casinos in this regard.

With cryptocurrencies being the future of finance and more and more websites implementing them as payment methods, not only casinos, we should see a lot of people moving on from local to foreign online casinos as they are constantly adding new cryptocurrencies to their payment methods.


Online casino players in the Netherlands know what they want really well and the majority of them has decided to play exclusively with online casinos which have a foreign license. Foreign online casinos are destined to take over the huge majority of the gambling market in the Netherlands (over 90%) with the way they are operating and I am looking forward to seeing it happen. This isn’t a surprise if we see all of their advantages over the local Dutch casinos from this article and I firmly believe that the number of Dutch players not only registering their first online casino account with foreign casinos but switching from local casinos to foreign ones will keep growing in the next couple of years.