Find a Reliable Online Casino in Slovakia: Local SK License vs International Regulation

With a lot more people working from home in recent years due to the unfortunate worldwide circumstances we are living in, and also being forced to have fun from their living room rather than spending time outside, online casinos have become a lot bigger all over the globe, Slovakia included. These online casinos are a safe and easy way for people to have fun, spend some quality time playing a huge variety of games and these online casinos are also a chance for the lucky ones to win some serious money which can make their lives much easier. Most Slovakian players decide to register with online casinos which have international licenses and not domestic ones and after going through this article you will see why that is the case.

You can find the complete list of foreign & SK-licensed online casinos in Slovakia: – Slovenské casino online.

Creating an Account Is Really Simple

Most online casinos, especially those with international licenses, have a registration process which is beyond simple and requires the player to click a few times and enter some basic personal info or even just connect their Twitter or Google account (some other platforms supported as well). This is easy even for older users or people who are not too informatically inclined while casinos with local licenses in Slovakia require a lot of personal info and additional verifications which can put off players from making their account on their websites. 

Besides their easy account creation processes, these foreign licensed online casinos also have well trained and polite customer service teams which, in most cases, react within seconds after you ask them a question and will go above and beyond to help their players with any kind of problems, questions or complaints. These customer support teams always have representatives who speak multiple languages so even a player from Slovakia can often come across a representative who will speak their own language. 

International Licenses are Widely Recognized 

Players who are not too well informed make the mistake of believing that an online casino which is registered in Malta or Curaçao, for example, isn’t regulated like one being registered in the UK or EU. This couldn’t be further from the truth as almost every big online casino as well as 99% of the smaller ones, hold a license from one of these two countries. Players who have been playing with online casinos for a while, especially the ones from Slovakia, know that they can fully trust an online casino holding these licenses as they go through long screening processes and get their licenses only after all of the conditions are met.

This means that players are protected by laws and serious regulatory bodies which take care of them and protect their rights so it doesn’t come as a surprise that players from Slovakia more often than not go with an online casino which holds an international license.

Bigger Casino Bonuses and More Slot Machines & Games

There are a lot of casino bonus hunters from Slovakia out there, who are looking to sign up with as many online casinos as they can and deposit funds so they can get a big first deposit bonus and play with more money this way. This is a legitimate strategy and internationally licensed online casinos are the place to go for Slovakian players because they offer much bigger bonuses than online casinos in Slovakia. 

On top of their great bonuses and reward systems, foreign licensed online casinos also offer a bigger variety of games to their players and every online casino player knows how important it is for them to have all of their favourite games available in a casino, this often being the deciding factor when choosing where to deposit money and start playing.      

Better Deposit and Withdrawal Limits & Proccessing Speed

Another important factor where internationally licensed online casinos take the win over locally licensed ones in Slovakia are the limits for deposits and withdrawals, which are often tens of times bigger. These limits in most online casinos licensed in Malta and Curaçao are at least 3BTC (a bit over $150,000 at the moment) which is enough even for the small percentage of big players. This gives Slovakian players a sense of security and confidence that the online casino they are playing with will pay out even their max wins all at once.

The big limits of 3BTC-5BTC (or none limits at all, which is also the case with a lot of online casinos which have an international license) show that these casinos have enough liquidity and are not in need to hold their players money and this is always something which players love and look for in an online casino.

Multiple Different Payment Options

Being able to deposit or withdraw your money in multiple different ways is often as important as are the limits for those deposits and withdrawals. Big limits don’t mean anything if a player can choose between only a couple of deposit and withdrawal solutions as certain countries or territories don’t have access to certain e-wallets or have country-restrictions for bank and card deposits. That is why online casinos with international licenses have dozens different options for a player to deposit and withdraw money. Some of these options have been around for years, like your typical bank or credit and debit card transactions but there are also more modern solutions like e-wallets and multiple different cryptocurrencies.  

With these e-wallets or cryptocurrencies a player can make a deposit with a couple of clicks while staying anonymous (especially when using cryptocurrencies) and being able to keep your data safe when dealing with an online casino is always a positive thing.


SK online casino players have seemed to make up their minds when it comes to their preferred online casinos and it’s not a surprise that most of them chose the casinos which have an international license and not a domestic one. The registration process is beyond simple, the bonuses are better, new games are being added daily, all players money is safe and they can withdraw it in a matter of seconds from a fully licensed and regulated casino – what’s not to like about that? This trend is likely to continue in the future and it wouldn’t be a surprise if 9 in 10 online players from Slovakia ends up having accounts exclusively with foreign licensed casinos by the beginning of the next decade.