Gambling Regulations in Nordic Countries

This website will provide you with in-depth information on gambling regulations in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden as well as their autonomous territories: Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Aland Island.

Our aim is to share our knowledge of online gambling regulations in the Nordic regions, including guidelines on how to apply for operating licenses and how to run online gambling businesses legally.

We also update our site regularly to ensure that it features the latest news and gambling regulations in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The Danish Gambling Authority (Spillemyndigheden)

Nordic citizens are fond of betting real money on games of chance. According to the results of various surveys conducted in the Nordic regions, 80% of the adult population has tried some form of gambling or the other at least once in life.

Gambling revenue as well as the amount spent on gambling is steadily on the rise in each Nordic country.

However, each Nordic country has taken its own route when it comes to online gambling regulation. Denmark and Sweden have already regulated their online gambling industries and have powerful regulatory bodies.

Hvor kan man spille uden om rofus

Finland and Norway have chosen to protect their gambling monopolies despite objections raised by the European Union. Finland, however, is deeply interested in the Swedish regulatory framework and is weighing the pros and cons of enacting similar laws.

This website includes comprehensive pages devoted to online gambling regulations in each Nordic country, including Denmark, Norway, and Finland.

We have also devoted sections to online gambling regulations in the UK and in the three Baltic countries – Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

Estonian gambling law

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Our Mission

Why did we take the trouble of creating this informative portal? We have a simple answer to that question.

We are on a mission of helping online casino players residing in the Nordic and Baltic countries as well as operators of online gambling sites to understand gambling regulations better.

We are adept at breaking down the complexities of various regulatory frameworks so that players and operators can easily comply with them.

UK Gambling Act

Our intention is to help create a safe, secure, and fair online gambling environment for players who reside in the Nordic countries.

This portal is meant for digital marketers, operators of online casinos in Nordic regions as well as foreign countries, and online casino players. We touch upon the following issues:

  • History of gambling in Nordic countries
  • Gambling laws in each Nordic country
  • Online gambling regulations
  • How to apply for licenses to run online casino businesses in each Nordic country
  • Compliance with gambling regulations
  • Steps taken by Nordic states to protect players and operators
  • Responsible gambling and support for problem gamblers

Our website is meant to be the starting point for every operator who dreams of launching an online casino business in a Nordic country and every player who wants to play for real money online.

Our aim is to show operators how to comply with gambling regulations, avoid fines and penalties, and provide the ultimate online casino gaming experience in a safe and secure environment.